The Fiano vine, also known by the name of Apiano, derives from Apianus (bee) for the sweetness of its berries, especially appreciated by bees.

Its presence dates back to ancient Rome. It is a medium-early vine, with good vigor and great adaptability to environmental conditions. It has small yellow-green berries that show brown spots when ripe.

  • Type of wine:Fiano I.G.T. Basilicata
  • Grapes: Fiano 100%
  • Exposure and altitude: North-South 300m a.s.l.
  • Soil type: Calcareous / Volcanic
  • Training system: Guyot
  • Vines density: 5600 plants/ha
  • Grape yield per hectare: 100
  • Harvest period: Beginning of September
  • Bottle capacity: 750 ml
  • Alcohol: 12,0 %
  • Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C


Labellum Fiano has a fragrance of tropical fruit combined with vegetable components that complete and enhance the aromatic framework, its taste is characterized by a good acidity that enhances the fresh flavor of this wine.

  • Color: Intense yellow.
  • Pairings: Aperitifs, fresh cheeses and fish.
  • Taste: Fine, not too bulky but full and satisfying. A nice acidity enhances its freshness.
  • Bouquet: Greenand tropical notes prevail on the nose.

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